Webinar hynes

David Coleman, Managing Director of hynes – Hydrogen and New Energy Solutions GmbH, spoke in our well-attended webinar on 23 October 2023 about the current situation and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions per sector in order to achieve the climate targets. Due to its high efficiency, electricity will be the future primary energy source by 2050. This requires an urgent market ramp-up for hydrogen and power-to-liquid (PtL, conversion of electrical energy into liquid fuel) imports.

Referring to various vehicle classes, he explained for which vehicles, application scenarios and refuelling models electric drive, fuel cell and hydrogen drive systems are suitable.

It is necessary for fleet operators to have a regulatory framework for an efficient, sustainable and operationally feasible technology mix. In addition, the technologies – drive and infrastructure – are already available, but still require continuous further development.

For all participants and interested parties, we have made the presentation documents of the webinar available for download in the “Webinars” section.