ARISTHODOS – More than a team: agile, open and a think tank

Our team consists of engineers, lawyers, tax advisors, business economists and business development experts, supported by a flexible network of various experts. Depending on your needs, we react quickly and agilely and look at problems from different perspectives with an individual, tailor-made team of experts.

Thanks to the flexible team composition, we offer you the perfect match for the development of a holistic solution – all in the spirit of working together with you as a partner. We are supported by our TIC professionals, who are very familiar with the requirements of testing, inspection and certification. In this way, solutions can be implemented – signed, sealed and delivered.

However, progress knows no pause – new developments open up new possibilities. This requires having an open mind and being agile, which is exactly why we do not rest on our laurels, but are available as a think tank platform to all those who want to think things anew and break new ground.

We find the better way for you.

Our board members

As an electrical engineer, Mike Walter began his career as a hands-on project manager for infrastructure projects. Later, he held various management positions. Mike adds more than 20 years of experience to our team. Contributing his passion for mobility is the added value for our customers in the sector of mobility.