Alstom Traxx Shunter Platform

Webinar Alstom

On 21 November, Jörg Neubauer, Site Director of Alstom Lokomotiven Service, spoke about decarbonising diesel locomotives. The current stock of around 4,000 shunting locomotives with an advanced age, but an expected remaining life of more than 20 years, is divided equally between 3-axle and 4-axle locomotives in Europe. Jörg Neubauer explained the enormous potential of CO2 savings in tonnes of a retrofitted locomotive running on green hydrogen compared to a new or modernised V100 series locomotive, using the Prima H3 locomotive as an example. Direct combustion of hydrogen has many advantages.  These include ease of integration, continued use of the existing combustion engine, the ability to use only 95% pure hydrogen, CO2-free operation and a significant reduction in NOx emissions.

Adapting the refuelling system and equipping the tanks with appropriate protection systems must be considered. The transition from the test vehicle to the production vehicle is currently underway, and the trial will start in May 2024.

For all participants and interested parties, we have made the presentation documents of the webinar available for download in the “Webinars” section.