Alternative drives

Whether fuel cells or lithium-ion batteries – for buses, trains, trucks or cars – the changeover and conversion to alternative drive technologies has begun. But for whom is a conversion worthwhile, and for whom a completely new acquisition? We at ARISTHODOS are here to support you with our team of experts. We not only check the feasibility from a technical and economic point of view of converting a vehicle to zero-emissions, but also support you in the implementation of conversion projects.

A clean solution from ARISTHODOS.


For some, digitalisation, or the digital transformation, is simply the transfer of a tried-and-tested business model into the digital age. For others, it is an opportunity to develop completely new business models. For us, digitalisation is an opportunity to look at aspects in a fundamentally new way.

The focus is always on the question: Does digitalisation create added value? For example, will operations become more effective? Will the level of security increase? Or will customer satisfaction rise? Only then do digitalisation and the process of the digital transformation make sense from our point of view.

Our experts have developed digital business models and are happy to support you with their experience and expertise.

Optimized and digitalized with ARISTHODOS.

Predictive maintenance

Thinking and acting with foresight – we accomplish this thanks to our team and network of diverse experts. Always with a focus on your benefit as a customer: we bring together the appropriate experts to create a team tailored to your needs.

In the case of predictive maintenance, the IT experts from the ARISTHODOS network support you in finding the right solution at the right time, in the right place. They help you collect, transmit and analyse mobility data to provide decision-makers with the right information when it is needed.

ARISTHODOS: reliable and dependable.

Future Mobility

Minimising mobility-related environmental impact, optimising the capacity of existing infrastructure, making investments sensibly and, at the same time, improving the availability and safety of our transport systems. For us, this is the future of mobility – and the way there is our task. For us, this requires holistic thinking and actions across all modes of transport. This is the only way to achieve a sustainable solution that reduces mobility-related emissions, increases the efficiency of transport systems and improves safety.

With this in mind, we develop solutions that pave the best way for you to get there.

ARISTHODOS: The Future of Mobility.