PANTOhealth Webinar

Dr Farzad Vesali, Managing Director of PANTOhealth GmbH, presented the PANTOhealth system on 15 November 2023, which was developed to monitor the overhead lines in the electrified railway network to make it more efficient than today and be controlled in a demand-oriented and cost-optimised manner.

Traditional overhead monitoring is mainly performed via two main approaches, including visual and measurement inspection in the traditional, cost-intensive way at intervals between six months and two years. In the proposed solution by PANTOhealth,  data is initially collected through the customer’s historical data, via a high-precision, on-board monitoring system or the PANTOhealth simulation tool. In the next step, the data collected is processed by algorithms and the results are visualised on a user-friendly platform.

The use of digital twins makes it possible to evaluate the data with little effort, recognise patterns and identify conspicuous places on the network. Digital twins also support the design engineers with line simulation.