Applying for funding for feasibility studies

The ARISTHODOS AG is happy to advise and assist you in applying for funding for feasibility studies for buses with emission-free drives.

The contents of these studies can include pre-investigations and analyses on the following topics:

  • Fleet, fleet and depot analyses: with the goal of converting to emission-free drives
  • Alternative and innovative vehicle provision
  • oute and usage analyses: Development of adapted circulation plans for the use of buses with emission-free drives (including route analyses, optimization of vehicle deployment)
  • Infrastructure requirements and needs: considerations for the construction of the necessary charging and fueling infrastructure
  • Energy provision analyses: including design of grid connection, integration of renewable energy, network situation, storage requirements
  • Measures for increasing the efficiency of the overall system or for integrating local generation capacities: including use of controlled charging (charging and load management), power and energy storage, and local hydrogen production for sector coupling
  • Economic and environmental balance considerations of the effects of converting to emission-free drives

(Source : PTJ (GER))

Applications must be submitted by no later than February 28, 2023.
We look forward to your inquiry at